Trial and (Such an) Error Persian Sugar Wax

Seems fun. Err…

Hi everyone! It has been days I don’t have time to posting something new. But now I have something new to tell. Seriously. I’ll write this article in both english and Bahasa Indonesia because this article somewhat are important.


Hai. Jadi berdasarkan Pinterest, gw menemukan cara wax ala Do It Yourself legendaris, yaitu Persian Sugar Wax. Ini merupakan waxing buatan sendiri menggunakan adonan gula, garam dan perasan lemon. Untuk lengkapnya, lo bisa baca di sini.

Hi. So based on Pinterest I found an interesting DIY-foot-hair-removal-by-wax tips. The Persian Sugar Wax. It’s somehow popular and if you never heard any about it, you can read it here.

Jadi gw memutuskan untuk mencobanya dan melakukan langkah langkah yang dijelaskan di atas. Tapi ternyata kalau tidak dilakukan dengan hati-hati, Persian Sugar Wax ini lumayan berbahaya! Padahal gw udah ngedinginin adonan cukup lama hingga sekitar 2-3 jam, tapi ‘kejatuhan’ adonan yang masih ‘hangat’ tanpa sengaja mengakibatkan kulit kaki gw mengelupas. Lo bisa liat setelah paragraf berikut ini.

So I decided to try the wax tips. I made the wax as it written: with 1 cup of sugar, 2 tbsp water and 2 tbsp lemon juice. as it came as liquid as caramel, I put the stove off and let the wax cold. I start to think 2.5 hours would be enough to cold the wax off, as the wax begin to be so sticky and warm. I start to put a light size of wax and it was working! BUT suddenly I realize it was REALLY DANGEROUS if we don’t do it carefully, because this was happen when I accidentally drop a little amount of wax to my feet:

It's not only remove your hair but also your skin. It's sooo hurt OMG I'M GONNA DIE
This damn sh*t not only remove your hair but also your skin. It’s sooo hurt OMG I’M GONNA DIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE

Akhirnya gw memutuskan untuk berhenti, karena kulit yang ngelupas ini rasanya sakit kit kit perih rih rih banget T_T Adonan wax yang panas ternyata bener-bener bahaya. Akhirnya setelah melakukan sedikit penelitian ulang, gw baru menemukan update langkah-langkah yang lebih jelas di sini. Ah, sedihnya T_T 

Under such the terribly pain, I decided to stop doing the wax. Well I’m not regretting this because every DIY tips is all about: Trial and Error. After a little further research, I found the updated tip about Persian Sugar Wax, as you can read it here. Damn I’m so sad 😦 But yeah anyway I have to warn you that every DIY tips can be dangerous because we’re not proffesionals 😦 But hey it’s worth it, you can acknowledge something new 🙂

So this was my feet after 5 days. I know it will heal, but still feels painful.

Thank you bioplacenton!
Thank you bioplacenton!

Again, be brave but be careful.

Tetep semangat jadi wanita cantiknya! 😀


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